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Giving places a new meaning

We have been focusing on residential, commercial and office spaces since 1992. We have successfully finished dozens of projects, some of which you might be passing by every day. Have a look at some of them below.

Our projects

Our mission

Working toward a better Prague

Since we’ve started some 20 years ago, we have been bringing value to various locations around Prague. Together with our partners Finep, Karlín Group, Star Group or Daramis we are making the city a better place. We have built ourselves a strong reputation and stand behind our work.

Our Vision

New life for unkempt places

Prague is sprawling into the surrounding fields while there are vast abandoned areas around Smíchov or Rohanské nábřeží lying idle. We are currently focusing on these brownfields and will change them for the better in the near future.

Current figures

The numbers speak for themselves
years of experience
m² of commercial spaces
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